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Education & Training Summer Programme

The Education & Training Commission have released their summer programming for 2021. A blended approach of online and practical sessions over the next three months will aim to support the development of our members in both coaching and officiating capacities.

Conor Flood -Education & Training Coordinator added earlier. “I think our members will be pleased with what we have tried to create in order to support their development. The handbook contains an exciting array of training opportunities that caters for new beginners right up to our most experienced. Not only are we utilizing the high-quality tutors we have in Ireland, but we are looking to Europe and America ensuring our members are receiving the absolute best training we can provide.”

Just recently Volleyball Ireland completed their long-term player development model. One of the crucial supports that underpin that model is quality education and training for our membership to grow and develop. This summer programming is delivering on those promises however is seen as just the start for us.

Alfredo Aloi newly elected Vice President and previous board member to the Education and Training Commssion commented “This is a testament to the hard work each member of the Education and Training Committee has put into ensuring that Volleyball Ireland continued to deliver learning and development opportunities both in the virtual space and face to face as the country finally reopens and played volleyball resumed.”

For the full listing of programmes please check out the booklet

ET Summer Booklet


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