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4v4 Volleyball


VLY. 4v4 Fun Blitz is Back!

NUIG Kingfisher Galway 10-3pm, April 10th

The 4v4 volleyball blitzes have a key role in developing younger players in line with our Long Term Player Development Model. One of the most important periods of motor development for children is between the age of 9 and 14. During this time children are developmentally ready to acquire general, overall sports skills that are the cornerstones of all athletic development.

Register a Team

You must register your team through JustGo. Go to this link, select the number of teams you would like to register, than login into your account and follow up with the payment (15€ per team).

Further details

How to Play 4v4 Volleyball- club

If you have a team of boys, girls or mixed players hoping to join the fun please contact Conor 0870997659.

Regardless of gender all teams will be put into one large pool to play against each other.

Further resources and supports in 4v4 Volleyball

Long Term Player Development Model