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As with the club itself, a structure needs to be in place for a junior section in a club to be successful and develop. A junior section needs the following:

  • An individual to oversee and co-ordinate the junior sections activities: This co-ordinator should be a part of the clubs committee to act as a link.
  • People to organise and supervise in the club: these roles can often be filled by parents who may not have the necessary expertise to coach, but who have good organisational skills
  • Properly qualified coaches
  • Parents involvement, in order for them to understand the game and support their child’s and the club’s development
  • Support from club members to ensure its continuous development
  • Effective links with schools, Local Sports Partnership and youth groups to ensure new members are always coming through.
    • Arrange for demos and try our sessions by club coaches and members in schools
    • Go into all schools in the local area at the start of each school year and advertise the club giving times and contact info.
    • Keep the PE teachers of these schools informed as to the clubs activities.


To increasingly respond to the needs of young players, your club should create opportunities for older juveniles to work closely with the club committee so that juveniles can have their say. This also allows for the breaking in of future committee members/club administrators.

Child Welfare

Check out all the requirements for clubs with under 18 years old members here.