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Club Constitution

The club’s constitution serves as its main governing instrument. It outlines the organization, policies and procedures of the club for members, external individuals and organizations. It defines its main objectives, beliefs and activities.

A Club Constitution does not need to be a long or complicated document. In simple terms the Club Constitution contains the rules by which the Club operates. You can download a template to create your own club constitution here.

All Clubs must have a Club Constitution for a number of reasons:

  • It clearly states the conditions of the club should arguments arise.
  • It lets new or potential members see the outline of the running of the club.
  • When opening a Club Bank Account banks will ask for a copy of the club constitution.
  • When applying for funding many organisations ask for a copy of the club constitution to show that the club is organised enough to deal with the funding in the correct way.


Legal Status

An Unincorporated Association is the most common structure for clubs as it is the easiest and most informal way to establish an organisation. A club is formed by a group of people, and is controlled by a constitution that provides guidelines for how its members should behave and appoints a committee to manage its activities. Put simply, any club which is not a company is an unincorporated association.

However, it should be kept in mind that although an unincorporated association is not subject to Company or Co-operative Society law, it is still covered by Common Law and members and others may bring legal claims against it under that framework.

There is no need to file any paperwork, and administrative expenses are kept to a minimum.