The Board & Structure

Volleyball Ireland is governed by the Board of Administration who oversee the strategic development of Volleyball in Ireland.
Reporting into the Board is the General Manager who oversees five staff members and the day-to-day operations of the company.
Three Commissions are established who provide specialist strategic guidance, advice and oversee the running of key National Competitions, National Teams and the Coach, Teacher and Referee Education programmes. Three board sub-committees also provide specialist advice, these are; Finance & Audit, Welfare & Disciplinary.

The Board of Volleyball are:
Grainne Culliton, President, Ballymun Patriots
Denise Tallon, Vice President, Santry VC
Regina Halpin, Secretary, UCD
Barbara Wojcik-Jaruga, Treasurer, Balbriggan
Clodagh NicCanna, Board Member (Comps & Development), DVC
Alfredo Aloi, Board Member (Education & Training), Net Force
Pete McDonnell, Board Member (High Performance), Independent
Aidan Curran, Board Member (Governance), Independent

Governance Policies

There are a range of Governance related policies which help guide the management of the company.

AGM Documents

We have a specific page for AGM related documents including financial statements and AGM/EGM minutes. Click here.

Constitutional Documents

Constitutional Documents including the companies Articles of Association and Regulations provide a framework for how the business is managed.