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Coaching Resources

General Resources

To help improve your Volleyball whilst at home, we’ve put together some useful links that can provide some insights on physical preparation and skill development. There’s also a range of resources to inform you on other aspects of Volleyball such as Nutrition.


Nike Sports Camps – provides some really good and useful topics for coaching Volleyball, including drills you can practice on your own. This is primarily aimed at Teenagers, with some great tips of conditioning and nutrition. 


CEV Schools Handbook – the CEV have an excellent resource for younger kids, that are at primary school age.
Videos | InsideCEV

They also have a super handbook >


Art of Coaching Volleyball – Art of Coaching is one of the leading paid coaching resource sites, however they have a range of free tutorials on their Youtube Channel

Physical Training

Tennis ball for foot sensitivity. 1 minute per foot x 3 times. 6 minutes in total

One leg squat and balance. 1 minute per leg x 2 times

Balance and control. 1 minute per leg x 2 times

Balance on one leg with torso rotation.

Make sure you do not twist your spine and keep looking in front of you. If you don’t have a medicine ball can use one or two plastic bottles of water. 2Kg max of total weight in your hands. 10 repetitions on your right and 10 on your left x 2 times

Squats and balance. Make sure you keep your spine fully straight. Do not bend your back but keep it rigid. 5 repetitions x 3 times

Full squat with stick. 8 repetitions x 3 times

One leg squat and balance with stick. 5 repetitions for right leg and 5 for left leg x 3 times

Skill Development

Passing tips from Victoria Garrik

Volley tips and drills with Misty May