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Volunteer Roles

Board Directors

Volleyball Ireland have vacancies for three Directors to join the Board of Administration. The position of Director is an integral part of good governance.

Full information is available here > Director Info Pack 2023

The roles:


Ordinary Board Member
to be nominated by two member clubs, one proposer and one seconder

Independent Board Member
To be recommended by the Volleyball Ireland Nominations Committee. The nominated candidate will be approved by the Board and put forward for ratification by members at the AGM.

Honorary Treasurer
To be nominated by two member clubs, one proposer and one seconder.
Due to a vacancy arising in 2022, Volleyball Ireland co-opted Doris Enright of Dublin Volleyball Club into the role until the 2023 AGM. Doris is eligible for re-election.

The Volleyball Association of Ireland t/a Volleyball Ireland is a Company Limited by Guarantee with the mission to support, promote and grow our sport and community in a sustainable way. We have an ambitious vision to be recognised as a leader in inclusion, whilst becoming the fastest-growing Volleyball federation in Europe.

There are currently a myriad of programmes, competitions and projects that contribute to Volleyball Ireland’s most recent strategic plan, Feel the Buzz.

The Board is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and governance of the company with sub-committees and commissions established to further support the strategic development of the organisation. Four full time staff are employed to manage day-to-day operations and carry out the execution of strategic objectives.

All board members receive a comprehensive induction pack.

The Roles

Honorary Treasurer

The Treasurer will actively participate on the board, working in close partnership with the President, Chief Executive and other Board members of Volleyball Ireland to safeguard the organisation’s finances. You will be responsible for ensuring that effective financial systems and procedures have been established, are being consistently followed and are in line with best practice & legal requirements.

Main Responsibilities

Oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements to the management committee on a monthly basis
Liaise with the Chief Executive and Board about financial matters
Ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place
Ensure that record-keeping & accounts meet the conditions of funders or statutory bodies
Ensure compliance with relevant legislation
Oversee preparation of accounts
Present accounts at the AGM
Ensure best practice is followed in all aspects of financial management of the company

Independent Director

An Independent Director is defined as someone who is not currently, or recently been, a member of Volleyball Ireland member club or committee.

Based on a skillset analysis of the current board, we are particularly interested to hear from candidates with the any of the following skills:

Deadline for applications is April 30th.

Ordinary Board Member

The ordinary Board Member may be provided with a specific role or Commission to oversee dependent on their skill set and experience. They are nominated by two member clubs before Saturday June 3rd.

Term of Appointment

In-line with the Constitution, your appointment will be for an initial term of 3 years, which is renewable twice by the membership, except for the Independent Director whose term in renewable once.