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Train to Win Stage 19+ yrs old

Players in the Train to Win stage are world class competitors who are competing at the highest level of competition in the world (e.g. Olympics, Paralympics, World Championships, World Cups or top professional leagues). These players have highly personalised training and competition plans and have an Integrated Support Team of physical therapists, athletic therapists, and sport psychologists providing ongoing support.

  • Athletes are competing with the best in the world in a high-quality daily training environment supported by an Integrated Support Team preparing for specific competitive events.


  • All physical, technical, tactical, mental, personal and lifestyle skills are established, and the focus is on maximizing performance.


  • Have a year-round, training and competition plan scheduled to peak for major competitions using multiple periodization.


  • Recovery, regeneration and mental fitness is maximized by scheduling preventative breaks to avoid injury and burnout


  • Players should be engaged in a minimum of 22+ hours training relating to their specialised sport