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Strategic Plan

Raising the Game

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Raising the Game maps out the vision, mission and strategic objectives that will guide the development of Volleyball in Ireland over the next four years.

The overarching vision is to create a vibrant volleyball community that allows all clubs, players and officials to reach their potential. The strategy is ambitious with significant growth targets including a 50% increase in the number of licensed players and coaches.

Raising the Game is divided into five key strategic areas; Raising Participation, Raising Operational Standards, Raising Performance, Raising the Profile and FundRaising & Finance. These pillars provide a clear focus with substantial actions and hard targets providing a detailed and transparent approach to planning the next four years.

Over 9,000 school children currently play competitive Volleyball through an impressive schools calendar – the key focus of Raising the Game is to develop pathways for those pupils to join Volleyball clubs and create a vibrant community of exciting competitions. Much of the development work focuses on strengthening and supporting our clubs.

Core beliefs

Volleyball Ireland has three core beliefs that underpin the plan;

1. That clubs Clubs should be at the heart of the sport

2. Volleyball is for everyone, regardless of their age, background or ability

3. Volleyball is a sport of life long participation

These beliefs and the core values of Integrity, Inclusivity, Teamwork, Passion, Respect and Ambition will drive Volleyball.


  • Host major international Volleyball events that will raise the profile of the sport
  • Raise participation of the Youth National League programme by 300%
  • Increase the number of school teams competing in National competitions to over 1,100
  • Establish 4 x Sitting Volleyball Centres for people with a physical disability
  • Employment of a development officer with a focus on Inclusion
  • Full roll out of the Volleyball ClubMark programme
  • Develop a long term player development plan
  • Implementation of a High Performance strategy to improve the performance of National Teams
  • Development of a Social Volley programme that targets recreational players and beginners in the community and workplace.
  • Increase participation in the National Beach Tour to over 300 players.
  • Work with local authorities and landlords to develop quality facilities.
  • Creation of a Higher Education Volleyball Officer programme to inspire participation in third level colleges and institutions.

The launch of the new strategy

 Strategy lead and board member Jeff King said, “Make no mistake this plan has ambitious targets. It will place Volleyball as one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland and through our inclusion programmes we hope to be an exemplar amongst other National Governing Bodies of Sport.”

President of Volleyball Ireland Grainne Culliton added, “Our Strategy is ambitious, challenging and exciting. It will leave a legacy for a strong and vibrant Volleyball Ireland. Putting the emphasis on club development and supporting exciting competitions will help us grow the sport and improve performance.”


Gary Stewart, General Manager of Volleyball Ireland commented, “We’ve produced a really detailed and transparent map that will guide us over the coming years. What we’ve demonstrated here is we aren’t afraid to challenge ourselves put hard numbers against our objectives. There is huge potential in Irish Volleyball and over the next four years we will develop a significant programme that will allow everyone regardless of age, background or ability to reach their potential.