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Youth Leagues

Youth Leagues are specific competitions designed for young players only. They run in different formats depending on age groups of players. In order to participate in VLY indoor Competitions, clubs and players must be registered with Volleyball Ireland. A special Membership for U18 players was set, at a reduced price. All players must be in the right age bracket in order to compete in a category.



U16 Girls – 3 Regional leagues. Top two qualify for semi finals Semi finals contested weekend of April 20 & 21st

SF 1= 1st R1 vs 2nd R2 VS 1st R3
SF 2= 2nd R1 VS 1st R2 VS 2nd R3

U16 Boys -1 National League. Top four qualify for semi finals

1st Vs 4th & 2nd VS 3rd

U16 competition rules

4v4 Volleyball events

4v4 volleyball events are blitz style games for players U14. The court is a double badminton size. Each team is comped by 6 players all female, all male or mixed. More info on how to Play 4v4 Volleyball here.