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Teacher Workshops

Each year, Volleyball Ireland organise teacher workshops to give all teachers interested in bringing volleyball to their school the skills and knowledge they may need.

Intro to volleyball

The 2 hour session provides guidance and tips on FUNDA Volley, 4v4 volleyball & 6v6 volleyball. The sessions are open to both primary and secondary teachers as we explore how to develop the essential skills and movements to ensure self confidence, self esteem and a positive learning environment.

Each teacher participating in the workshop will receive a 4 week programme to prepare their 4th to 6th class or 1st and 2nd years. After these 4 weeks, all schools are invited to the same location for a fun 4v4 blitz which is included in the workshop fee.

Each workshop costs 15€ per teacher.

For any additional queries or support please contact Conor – 0870997659

FUNDA Volley

This is a new programme in line with our Long Term Player Development Model.  During the workshop teachers will explore Locomotor, Manipulative and Stability skills to create a solid foundation on which children can learn sport. The focus is on providing fun, inclusive and developmentally appropriate physical activity. Our FUNDA Volley programme targets 6 to 10 year old children within schools however delivering these fundamental skills should continue through primary and secondary levels therefore useful to all stages of teaching.

4v4 volleyball

4v4 has now become our primary school national championship for 5th & 6th class students. It is also our introduction to volleyball programme for 1st and 2nd years in secondary school. 4v4 was developed  to make the sport of volleyball more accessible to children, by simplifying the game to better suit children of all skill levels. The result is simpler games, played on a smaller court, with a softer ball, allowing children more opportunities to develop the skills necessary to excel at volleyball. Teachers will be advised on game formats as well as learning how to introduce the basic skills of volleyball- setting, passing, spiking & serving.

6v6 volleyball

6v6 section of the course will give our teachers a greater understanding of our sport. Learning the slight difference between 4v4 & 6v6 will allow those teachers to transfer to our main game with ease and clearer understanding. During the 6v6 we will take a look into what separates a C division school from an A division as staff explain through play the key pointers in elevating your school team.