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Long Term Player Development

The LTPD is a globally researched and recognised pathway that will deliver an incredible impact to volleyball on our island. One of the major key benefits is everyone associated in the sport can identify their role within the programme.

We have been fortunate in assembling a group of leading coaches around Ireland to work closely in ensuring the system we promote here in Ireland aligns significantly with best practice from around the world.

The LTPD has multiple layers and goals in developing participation and performance, however begins by centring entirely around the child’s evolution and enjoyment of our sport for the entirety of their lives. This ideal must be at the core of everything we do, we must create a Life Long Love for Volleyball.

This programme isn’t just about creating good volleyball players, we want to nurture good, happy and fulfilled people. So alongside the player development programmes and initiatives we will be delivering personal skill development activities for our young people. These will include programmes that will help with not only volleyball specific skills but transferable skills like public speaking, building resilience, positive mindsets, teamwork, leadership skills – things that will help our young people grow off the court as well as on.

Through our programmes, we will educate young people on topics like anti-doping, diversity and inclusion and endeavour to provide opportunities to support young people gain valuable life experiences. This may be in the form of work experience or exchange programmes with other Federations and professional teams.

This approach is unique, but we believe Volleyball is more than just another sport.