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Reframing the Challenge & Returning to Volleyball | 

Updated November 2021

Volleyball Ireland are delighted to welcome the news that from 20th September, indoor Volleyball can return.

The guidelines in the protocol document relate to the easing of restrictions as set out by Government in their COVID-19 plan: Reframing the Challenge; continuing our recovery & reconnecting.

These measures are part of a phased approach of lifting the public health restrictions that were put in place to protect us all from COVID-19 and will only occur if the National Public Health Emergency Team says that the conditions are right for a further relaxation of the restrictions in place.

The plan was originally broken down into three phases:
• Now until September 20
• September 20 to October 22
• October 22 & beyond

However, due to an increasing number of cases, hospitalisations and deaths from Covid 19, the Government has extended the phase ending October 22nd into February 2022.

Summary of Restrictions
Until September 22

·       Outdoor training and play only in pods of 15

·       No Indoor team training

Sept 20 – February 2022

·      • Only patrons with proof of immunity can return to full team training
• Patrons aged under 18 can return to full team training or competition regardless of vaccination status
• All people involved in match or full training, including referees and/or coaches must have vaccination certificates or recovery certificates (unless they are under 18 years old)
• Spectators at indoor matches must have vaccination certificates or recovery certificates.
• For sessions with participants that have mixed-immunity status, pods of 6 must apply;

October 22 & Beyond (DELAYED UNTIL FEBRUARY 2022)

·       All restrictions removed

·       Continue to minimise risk where possible

Volleyball Ireland’s protocols as prescribed by Sport Ireland and Government are available here > VLY Covid Protocols updated Nov 24 2021

The General Principles of the Protocols are as follows:

2.1 Maximum capacity within a venue is variable dependant on the size of the venue
2.2 Social distancing off court to be adhered to, this includes a no handshake or High5 policy.
2.3 All other HSE / Govt guidelines should be adhered to
2.4 A Covid 19 officer must be present at every session or match. The Covid lead must have completed Sport Ireland’s online Covid awareness training course for Covid officers.
2.5 All players should have completed online Sport Ireland Covid Awareness training.
2.6 The needs of members with a disability should be considered when planning activities or facility access.
2.7 If some players declare that they are unvaccinated or refuse to declare their vaccination status then activity must happen only in pods of 6. This means that competitive matches or 6v6 training cannot take place.
2.8 Pods should operate independently of each other with no sharing of equipment or interaction with each other. Pods should not stray into each other’s playing space.
2.9 Clubs should be inclusive and respect a person’s right not to be vaccinated or their right not to declare their health status.
2.10 Covid Checklists (fit to play survey) should be used for activities/sessions that has mixed immunity status.
2.11 Players should not participate in training or matches if they have any symptoms of Covid 19 or have been in close contact with a person who has Covid19.
2.12 All participants in a full Volleyball session (not pods), including Coaches, Referees and Players should present either a Certificate of Vaccination or a valid Certificate of Recovery to access the activity.
2.13 Continue to advise masks to be worn where appropriate and sanitising of balls/no handshakes etc.
2.14 No restrictions on outdoor activity.
2.15 Host clubs or venues should check for proof of vaccination or recovery before access is granted to spectators or people involved in competitive matches. Clubs have the right to refuse access to matches of full training sessions to anyone that does not have proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid 19.
2.16 People aged under 18 can participate, coach or referee in matches or full training, regardless of their vaccination status.
2.17 Volleyball Ireland will be carrying out spot checks throughout the season. Clubs not compliant with these protocols will face penalties and disciplinary action.



VLY Covid Protocols updated Nov 24 2021

VI Risk Assessment and Guidance Template April 2021

Covid-Officer-role-and-Responsibilties Sept 21

Return to Play Checklist updated Sept 21


Booking, Attendance and Session Declaration Sheet

Members can keep an eye on the Volleyball Ireland website for more updates. Updates will also be sent to the club secretary.