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Chair Volley

What is Chair Volley?

Chair Volley is our Active Elders programme that uses inflatable beach balls and chairs to facilitate a fun, social and highly enjoyable game. The idea is to remove complicated rules and fancy equipment and create an environment where Chair Volley can be played pretty much anywhere. You do not even need a net –most of our teams use bunting or washing line.

Chair Volley Workshop

Volleyball Ireland offer a 2 hour chair volleyball workshop. It provides the participants with all skills, drills, information and resources needed to take the game back to their groups. The cost of the workshop is €15 per person (Must be a minimum of 10 people) all participants receive a Chair Volleyball Manual.

Chair Volley Equipment

All you need to play is a beach ball and something to act as a net. Volleyball Ireland sell a Chair Volleyball starter kit for €69.99 this includes a portable net system, 3 beach balls and a manual. If you are interested in purchasing the starter kit contact