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Sitting Volley

What is Sitting Volleyball?

Sitting Volleyball is our programme specifically designed for people with a physical disability or mobility issues. It is one of the most entertaining Paralympic sports and it is getting increasing attention for being an exciting fast game, and for its potential to be a tool for positive change. It is a fantastic sport that enables able bodied players and disabled bodied players to play and compete together.

Volleyball Ireland are always looking for clubs, community, groups, colleges and leisure centres to establish Sitting Volleyball. We have a 2 hour Sitting Volleyball Introductory Workshop which is great for giving participants the skills, drills, information and resources to get the sport going in their groups.

Check out our Sitting Volley Strategic Plan HERE

You can view and download our Sitting Volleyball Manual HERE. It provides information on rules, skills, drills and games from beginner level to more advanced.