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To safeguard your members, your club must be properly insured. The insurance your club needs depends on your club’s size, the activities proposed and the club’s assets. Insurance is required to cover a range of scenarios from the loss of equipment to serious personal injury, fire damage or a break in.

Public Liability

Public Liability indemnifies the club against claims by members of the public visiting the club’s grounds against accidental loss or injury. Public Liability is a vital cover for every club as no-one can ever predict accidents, and operating without this safety net puts the club and individuals at risk.

Volleyball Ireland sources public liability insurance on behalf of its member clubs, to ensure best possible value for money for clubs. Clubs then make a contribution towards the cost of the premium. This cost will depend on number of members and insurance requests.

Personal Accident

Personal accident insurance provides cover for accidental injury to members that may arise due to playing and training.

Volleyball Ireland offers personal insurance as part of our Membership. You can purchase a player membership on VLY. JustGo. Please note that an excess may apply.