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VLY Beach Tour

Volleyball Ireland’s exciting Beach Tour is played through the summer months on beaches across the country.

The Beach Tour (also referred to as “VLY Beach Tour”) has been established with the following goals:

  • To provide top-level national competition for Ireland’s elite and developing players,
  • To showcase beach volleyball to audiences across Ireland,
  • To attract new players to the sport and encourage them to develop their skills,
  • To provide an important stage in the progression of athletes to ‘higher level’ tours, such as CEV & FIVB events,
  • To engage new and existing tournament promoters across Ireland,
  • To provide exposure and marketing opportunities for the sport’s commercial partners,
  • To provide a wide range of events to support all levels of beach player by implementing a multi-level system,
  • To support the development of a referee pathway.

There are two main grades of tour event, in addition to our junior events and Challenger Series. These formats provides a clear pathway for players to compete at a level appropriate for their ability.

Tour Stage Overview 
Junior Tour

Mixed & Single gender, 1-day event for players aged Under 15 and Under 18.

Challenger SeriesInformal, social matches played at a time that suits the players.  No referees are needed, and results are sent into Volleyball Ireland, with wins counting towards tour rankings.
Men’s & Women’s Beach TourThe main tour events – these are open entry with 3-set matches. Designed for Ireland’s top and developing players.
Elite TourSingle gender, event for the country’s top-level players. Qualification only plus wildcard provisions. Matching uniforms, official referees, centre courts, live stream provisions.

Please read below for more information and FAQs.






TOUR HANDBOOK 2024 SEASON – Click here




Frequently Asked Questions…


When and where are the events scheduled to take place?

Events take place throughout the summer, please click on the link above for details of the calendar for the season.


Who is eligible to participate in the Beach Tour?

Players of all skill levels are eligible to participate in our Beach Tour events.


How can I register a team for an event?

All sales are processed through our membership portal, JustGo.  Keep an eye on social media for details of when events go on sale.

Once all teams in a particular event are sold out, we will operate a waiting list in case any teams drop out – if that is the case, please contact to be added to the waiting list.


How many teams take part in an event?

Regular Beach Tour events will generally be open to around 12 teams.  Depending on demand, this number may change from time to time.  The format of the Elite Tour events will be advised at the time of opening ticket sales.


Do we have to do any further registrations?

All players intending to play must be individually affiliated with Volleyball Ireland.  If you are a player with a National League license then this license covers the Beach Tour.  If you play recreationally, you will need to register on our Membership portal, JustGo, as a non-league player.


How does the ranking points system work?

Ranking points are awarded at our Beach Tour and Elite Tour events, depending on finishing position, as well as for Challenger Series matches.

In advance of each event, teams are ranked according to the total ranking points accumulated by the two players in each team.

Our Elite Tour events are open to our highest ranking teams, so the more points you earn, the better the chance of reaching one of these events.


What is the format of each event?

In general terms, teams will play group matches, followed by knockout matches to determine the overall winner.  As a guide, teams will usually play a minimum of three matches during the day.

The precise format of each event will depend on the number of competing teams, but will be confirmed a day or two prior to each event.

All of our matches are planned, and results updated through the Tournify app, and we recommend players download the app prior to arriving at the beach.

In advance of each event, an information document is issued to all competing teams, confirming the relevant logistics.


Are referees provided?

At the moment we are growing our referee resources, meaning that the majority of matches would need to be refereed by other teams taking part in the event.  Teams will be allocated to matches to referee through the Tournify app.


What is the Challenger Series?

The Challenger Series, a new initiative introduced in 2023, is a format whereby teams can play each other at a time to suit themselves, in an informal environment.

Teams accumulate points based on their wins and losses, and those points are then converted to tour ranking points.

For more information on the Challenger Series, our player handbook can be found here


What time do the event start and end each day?

Generally, there will be a player briefing at 1000 on the day of competition, with matches starting at around 1030.  All teams are asked to be present for the briefing.

Depending on the pace of play, competition format and any unforeseen interruptions, the finals are usually completed by 1830.


Will events take place in all weathers?

All events are planned on the basis of being fair and enjoyable for all participants.  In the event that the weather forecast for an event may impact on the fairness or enjoyment for players, then the Beach Tour Management Committee will put teams on notice that an event may be cancelled.

In the event of an event having to be cancelled, all entry fees will be refunded as soon as possible.

VLY has published an Event Cancellation Policy, copy of which can be found on the link above.


We still have questions on the nature or format of the competition, who should we contact?

If you have any further queries about the Beach Tour, please contact the office on and we will get back to you asap.