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Why a Youth Section?

Young people are the future of our sport and they are the future of your club. They are essential for every clubs survival and development. By not having a junior section, clubs are overly reliant on recruiting adult players.

Apart from obvious health benefits, knowing why children participate in sport is hugely important so you can appeal and promote your sport and club effectively to young people. Young people will generally join clubs for a number of reasons:

  • To be with friends
  • To improve their skills
  • To experience the excitement of competition
  • To play sport
  • To receive encouragement from parents and friends
  • To become part of a team

The aim of many or most of these children is not necessarily to win. Therefore the emphasis at juvenile level should not be based on the competitive aspect, but on promoting the game as an enjoyable, fun and sociable activity. By emphasising the importance of playing rather than the outcome, the overall experience is a much happier one for any young person.



  • A regular supply of new players that will ensure a healthy future for the club
  • Increased membership, including the opportunity for parents and families to become non-playing members
  • Many of these non-playing members may have sporting or organisational skills that will help your club
  • An increased public profile and interest in your club
  • Opportunities to generate additional income
  • Enhanced likelihood of grant aid
  • Better access to local facilities, school and local authority
  • Local development of your sport
  • An opportunity to contribute to the broader life of your local community.