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Club Communication

Good internal and external communications keep everyone involved and informed, highlight the positives of the club, attract sponsors and ensure the club is valued by the community.

Poor communication can lead to missed meetings, poor external relationships, missed games, missed training sessions and a bad image for the club.

Internal Communication

Members need to be made aware of all upcoming club activities to ensure their continue involvement. People ultimately need to know what, when and where activities are happening.

People involved in internal communications include: Committee, Public Relations Officer, Managers/Coaches, Parents, Members.

The main method of communication for members is via email. A Whatsapp or Facebook groups can also be used in order to assess urgent queries.

For safeguarding reasons, we discourage the use of social media and direct messaging with young players. The communication with young ones should go through parents.

External Communication

External communication is the correspondence with people and organisations external to members of the club.

Each club should set up a website, keep it updated with the latest news and promote their activities. The website should highlight a direct contact, committee roles for reference, how to join and any document useful for members and non.

Social media can become a great source of new members, as well as an easy way to engage with the volleyball community by sharing club updates and events. Social media must be regulated by a club’s social media policy.