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Resources for schools

Why Volleyball?

Volleyball is the forth most played game in the world!

It involves the use of the full body muscle mass and range of motion in order to be played. Through volleyball, kids can develop coordination, agility, balance, adaptation and endurance in a fast paced environment. The ball can’t be held: this means players must adapt and react quickly to the different situations of the game, and learn to cooperate and work together to reach the goal.

The top example of team sport

One single person can’t play volleyball. Building a solid game means building teamwork, communication and trust in others. Volleyball allows kids to develop valuable social skills within a highly diverse and active community.

Bring Volleyball to your school

Each year, Volleyball Ireland organise teacher workshops to give all teachers interested in bringing volleyball to their primary or post primary school the skills and knowledge they may need.

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School Competitions

A series of competitions for Primary and Secondary schools are organised each year.

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Programmes for Secondary School Students

TY Volley

TY Volley is a Transition Year Volleyball program for girls and boys. The students are trained up as volleyball coaches and deliver a 6-week introduction game to younger students. The TY leaders then organise and run a blitz at the end of the program for all the students they have coached.

Student Referee

Volleyball Ireland’s student referee course is aimed at secondary level students. The full day course covers both theory and practical elements of refereeing a volleyball match. 

CEV School Project

The CEV School Project aims to bring volleyball into schools in order to grow the participation of kids aged 9-13 years into volleyball. The project will create the opportunity for children to progress from schools to clubs within their areas while also strengthening club/school bonds.