Garda Vetting

Covid 19 Garda Vetting Update 23rd March 2020

Sport Ireland have consulted with the National Vetting Bureau have provided guidance around Garda Vetting during the restrictions. It has been acknowledged that while face-to-face validation of the individual and documents cannot take place in person, there are measures we can implement during this time to ensure vetting can still take place.

Volleyball Ireland will commence the vetting process once;

The copy of the ID documentation and consent scanned or email to the relevant organisation must be of good, clear quality.
The applicant provides a signature on the relevant documents.
The applicant’s original documentation must be verified and checked against the scanned documentation on the day of recruitment to ensure it matches the information on the scanned or emailed documentation used to process the application.

To facilitate the last point, Volleyball Ireland will contact the Club Validation Officer to inform them an application has been received from a volunteer from their club looking to commence relevant work. Upon easing of restrictions and the return to volleyball the CVO will verify the applicant and documents with documents VI received before allowing the individual to commence relevant work.

Any queries on the above, or applications can be emailed to

Garda Vetting is the Law

“Under the terms of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts, 2012-2016 (“the Acts”), all persons who are employed in positions where they have regular access to children and vulnerable persons must be vetted by the National Vetting Bureau. Section 21 of the Acts provides that it is an offence for an employer to employ a person who works with children or vulnerable persons where an application for vetting has not been submitted to the National Vetting Bureau for that person by 31 December 2017.”

What You Need to Do

Step 1. Complete the following forms,


Step 2. Present the completed forms along with proof of ID and Address (original documents) to your Club Validation Officer. (The validation officer will verify your documents and identity and sign your application.)

Step 3. Post the forms including a copy of your ID document and proof off address to,

Private & Confidential
Authorised Liaison
Volleyball Ireland
141 Thomas Street
D08 ETC0

Responsibility of the Validation Officer

Club Validation Officer is responsible for

  1. Checking the identification documents match that of the person and address provided in Form 2.
  2. That the documents are correct and in line with the 100 point system.
  3. Ensuring the forms have been fully completed and signed.

Click HERE for guidelines.

What Happens Next?

Fully completed applications will be processed by Volleyball Ireland’s Authorised Liaison. The applicant will receive a link via email from the National Vetting Bureau to complete. Once this is complete and the Authorised Liaison reviews it it is submitted to the NVB to conduct background checks. Once these checks have been completed a disclosure is sent to the Authorised Liaison to review. If there re no concerns within the applicants disclosure a letter will be issued t the applicant.

Garda Vetting is only one aspect to safeguard your club. Ensure volunteers undergo Safeguarding training, in house club safety training and the club has a safe recruitment policy.

Click HERE to view Volleyball Ireland’s Garda Vetting Policy.

For any questions or further information contact