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Club Management Guide 2022-23

Start a club

Find out all the information to take the first steps into starting a volleyball activity.

Club Administration

Learn how to effectively manage your club, including governance, affiliation, insurance and dealing with minors.

Club Affiliation

Discover the benefits and costs of being affiliated with Volleyball Ireland as League Club or Associate Club.


Need insurance cover? Find out all the information regarding Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

Dealing with minors

Follow Sport Ireland guidelines and requirements on Child Welfare for qll clubs with under 18 years old members.

Fundraising and Sponsorships

Find out more about how to manage club finances, including tips for fundraising and sponsorship requests.

Volunteers and members

Help your club recruiting, inducting and retaining new members and volunteers.

Youth Clubs

Find out why and how to activate a new youth section in your club, including requirements and programmes.

Club Development Plan

Develop a plan for your club, identifying where you are now and what steps need to be taken to facilitate its growth and development.