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Transferring Foreign Referee Licence

Transferring Foreign Referee Licence

To register as a Referee with Volleyball Ireland with a qualification from a different federation, (except for Referees with FIVB grades, please see the bottom of the page), you must be given a Volleyball Ireland referee grade.


You can gain a Volleyball Ireland referee grade in three ways:


                By attending a Grade 3 Volleyball Ireland referee course

                Upgrade by Assessment

                Or by sending in evidence of holding an overseas refereeing  qualification and being given a Grade 3 Volleyball Ireland refereeing grade, subject to an upgrade by assessment


If you have an overseas refereeing grade and want to referee in Ireland,  you will need to send the following information to the Volleyball Ireland

Refereeing Commission email:

All documents need to be translated to English if required.


·       A copy of your relevant Volleyball Refereeing qualifications (hard or electronic), which should include the following information:


·       The name of the awarding body/national federation


·       The level of the course


·       The date the course was passed


·       A copy of the course syllabus (breakdown of the hours, modules and content covered)


When you have provided us with this information, and your Certificate has been validated, Volleyball Ireland will automatically give you a Grade 3 qualification. You will then be assessed as a 1st Referee at a Division 2 game. Following a recommendation from the Assessor, you could then be fast tracked to Grade 2 or Grade 1 with a further assessment at a higher level game. It is also compulsory that you attend a Referees Refresher course within a 6 month period.



For Referees with FIVB qualifications, you will only need to send in a copy of your Certificate and your FIVB grade will be printed on your Referee registration card after you have registered as a Referee with Volleyball Ireland.


If you have any further questions or queries, please contact