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High Performance Commission

The High Performance (HP) Commission is responsible for the development and governance of the National Squad programme, as well as the implementation of the High Performance Framework (here > HPF feb updated ) and the following functions;

• to advise and guide on high performance policies, strategy and programmes
• to administer recruitment programmes and recommend national squad coach
and manager appointments to the Board (for both Volleyball and Beach Volleyball
programmes), as well as overseeing a selection process (in association with the
T&E Commission) for referees representing Volleyball Ireland at international events.
• The High Performance Commission will devise and implement fundraising initiatives
for national teams.
• The High Performance Commission ratifies National Squad player selection –
subject to the relevant selection criteria and any disputes process. The HP
Commission will advise on the competitions that national teams will enter.
• The HP Commission ensures the implementation and delivery of the HP Framework.

• The Commission is chaired by the President for High Performance and is made up
of at least four other members, including an independent member ideally from
outside of Volleyball and with expertise from other sports
• The Volleyball Ireland General Manager sits on the Commission to support and
implement the operational aspects of the Commissions work plan.
• National Team programme Head Coaches will be invited to update the
Commission as and when required but at least twice per year