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LGBTQ+ Inclusion Workshop

Volleyball Ireland have partnered up with ShoutOut to provide LGBT+ Inclusion Training to our members. The training will take place on the 22nd July from 18:00-20:00 and is free to attend. Registration is required and can be completed by clicking HERE

The workshop is open to anyone with those in club committee, coaching, refereeing and safeguarding roles encouraged to participate. Anyone who has an interest is also welcome to join us! Questions can be directed to

Below is an overview of what will be covered.

Part 1: The ABCs of LGBT+

This session gives participants a comprehensive introduction to LGBTQ+ terminology and theory. We aim to leave trainees feeling more fluent in the language of LGBTQ+ identity, and more confident in their own capacity to support LGBTQ+ individuals in their organisation or club. This session covers:

– Assumptions/unconscious bias – how seemingly harmless assumptions built into our society and psychology can harm LGBTQ+ people

– The LGBTQIAP+ acronym – what each letter means in detail, and why there are so many letters to begin with

– Explaining LGBTQ+ identity via a series of spectra

– A detailed explainer on trans, non-binary, and intersex identities

– A quick guide to pronouns and what to do when you make a mistake.

– “Ask Anything” Q&A

Part 2: Supporting LGBTQ+ People in Sport

This session goes into more detail around LGBTQ+ experiences of coming out, and the landscape for LGBTQ+ people in sport. We look at why LGBTQ+ participation in sport may be low in some instances, and we give advice on supporting LGBTQ+ people in their chosen sport. This session covers:

– Coming out: a timeline. When it usually happens, and what it means for different parts of the community depending on how they may identify and personal circumstance.

– Statistics around LGBTQ+ participation in sport and some background to the numbers.

– Barriers to LGBTQ+ participation in sport and how to begin overcoming them.

– Benefits of increased LGBTQ+ participation in sport for organisations and individuals.

– Strategies for fostering inclusion at all levels.

– Harmful language and stereotypes; their effect, and how to combat them in a sports setting.

– Q&A