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2018/19 School Registrations OPEN

Welcome back to the new school term, we hope you enjoyed the summer holidays and are now looking forward to the year ahead. We invite you to register with Volleyball Ireland for this upcoming school year. All forms have now moved online so please click on the player reg button below to access affiliation and team entry forms.

All coaches please take special note of the deadlines for competitions during registration as they will be strictly adhered to.
Thank you and have a great year

Primary Schools

2018 Star Programme – Mini Spikers!
The Mini Spikers Programme is an introductory Volleyball Programme targeting 6 to 9-year-old children. The overall aim of the programme is to develop children’s Fundamental Movement Skills through a variety of FUN activities and provide an age appropriate FUN introduction to the game of Volleyball. The Mini Spikers game is a simple adapted game that is presented and taught through three stages (Mini Stars, Super Stars and Mega Stars) preparing players to progress onto playing SpikeBall and Volleyball. 
We are delighted to announce that this year we will run our first ever Mini Spikers Tournament. The deadline for team entries is April 12th with the competition taking place in May 2019. Any school that affiliates with Volleyball Ireland will receive downloadable PDF Mini Spikers workbook which include lesson plans and lots of FUN games. 
If you would like any more information about Mini-Spikers, please contact Jessie Carmody at
SpikeBall is an adapted Volleyball game that was developed to provide children with a FUN introduction to Volleyball. The main objective of SpikeBall is to encourage more children to participate in sport in an enjoyable way. Come join almost 400 other national school teams to take part in your local county blitz finals. For any help or queries you may have in starting up SpikeBall in your school please contact Conor at
Secondary Schools

 SpikeBall (1st & 2nd Years) or Volleyball (all age groups) 
Schools can introduce this exciting adapted version of volleyball through our easy to learn, easy to play, intro game of SpikeBall. Volleyball Ireland are ready to start your school on the volleyball pathway. For any further queries or help you may need please contact Conor at
2018 Star Programme – TY Volley 
After the hugely successful Women in Sport TY programme, we are introducing TY Volley.
Ty Volley is a Transition Year Volleyball programme for girls and boys (minimum of 12 per group).
The students are trained up as volleyball coaches.

They deliver a 6-week introduction to mini volleyball programme to 1st or 2nd year students in their school.
The TY leaders will run a blitz in their school for all the students that they have coached. The TY leaders can then enter teams into the TY Volley national blitz which will run between April and May 2019 (depending on the number of team entries).