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3* Statement and Update

3* Statement:

Over recent days we have continued to monitor conditions for the event this weekend. Two things we are certain of is that the forecast continues to fluctuate over what we might expect on Saturday and Sunday, and that Saturday morning’s forecast continues to deteriorate.

However, we are committed to completing the end of season 3* event, and will do our utmost to ensure the delivery of a credible competition. This may mean alterations to the planned format.

Based on the most up to date Met Eireann forecasts, the BTMC can confirm that there will be no play before 1pm on Saturday. On that basis we will revisit the forecasts again tomorrow morning to provide a more definitive update to you tomorrow lunchtime (friday) as to what might be possible, confirming the schedule for the weekend.

The best case scenario is that we can facilitate some group play on Saturday afternoon and then complete the groups and play knock-out matches on the Sunday.

The worst case scenario is that conditions prevent us from playing at all on Saturday, and we will then play the entire event on the Sunday, albeit potentially in a slightly reduced playing format. In either circumstance, we would welcome your co-operation and support to make this tournament a success, in what might be challenging circumstances and conditions.

The final schedule will be presented at lunchtime Friday.

Entry list:


Comp Player 1 Ranking Player 2 Ranking Total Ranking Seed
Women 3* Giedre Guobyte 264 Zydre Guobyte 252 516 1
Women 3* Lina Dzurnak 156 Paola Rosas 156 312 2
Women 3* Melissa Cheviron 216 Luciana Sombra 56 272 3
Women 3* Regina Halpin 156 Fiona Lamont 114 270 4
Women 3* Miriam Gormally 210 Alex Graves 0 210 5
Women 3* Lucia Barbato 72 Luciana Paglietta 84 156 6
Women 3* Grace Moloney 30 Laura Connolly 44 74 7
Women 3* Kama Teterycz 66 0 66 8


Comp Player 1 Ranking Player 2 Ranking Total Ranking Seed
Men 3* Marcin Szklarek 180 Julio Rico 108 288 1
Men 3* Edgaras Valavicius 174 Felipe Viana 84 258 2
Men 3* Adrian Margol 96 Rodrigo Soares 16 112 3
Men 3* Pawel Iwinski 90 0 90 4
Men 3* Cian Humphreys 18 Cillian O’Riordain 44 62 5