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AGM Summary Notes

The 2024 Volleyball Ireland AGM was held in Portlaoise on Saturday June 8th.

In a new ‘congress format’ the day featured in-depth workshop presentations and discussions led by each Commission. The afternoon was reserved for formal AGM business including the election and re-election of directors and voting on four constitutional motions, as well as the approval of the 2023 financial statements.

15 clubs were in attendance: Aer Lingus, Balbriggan, Ballymun, Gardians, Net Force, Kilkenny Spartans, Munster Thunder, Galway, Santry, UCD, SETU Carlow, Carrick Crows, Naas, Newbridge and DVC. Apologies were received from Kildare, Impact, Longford and Kilkenny Mystics.

Part 1 Commission Workshops and Discussions

Stakeholder Survey

Volleyball Ireland CEO opened the morning with summary results from the annual stakeholder survey. This included: a tripling of responses, a reduction in the Net Promoter Score rating to +37, feedback on the reintroduction of the Grand Finals and a summary of areas members feel we need to improve.

National League Management Committee

VLY. Operations Manager Simon Dyke provided a review of the season’s successes and challenges including the roll out of e-scoring and the Cup Finals weekend. Discussions on the merits of the Grand Finals, process for permitting late players into matches and a new competition rule in regards to collecting water bottles after each set were had. An update to competition rules incorporating these changes will be made in due course. There was a good discussion on the structure of the adult and youth leagues including the role of the development league.

Referees Management Committee

Maria Jimenez provided an overview of the proposed new referee pathway which includes a new entry level course with more online and practical learning. As well as the requirements for promotion through each level (not grade). Feedback on the pathway was largely positive with a recognition of high performance at the top and widening participation at entry level.

Education and Training Commission

VLY. Development Manager Conor Flood gave an overview into the increased activity of the commission and a significant increase in the number of coaching courses and coaches. Conor also reminded all of the new licensing requirements that were shared at last year’s AGM and the mandatory need to qualified coaches for next season’s National League.

High Performance Commission

Graham Bell, Head Youth Coach, provided a run through of how the proposed youth pathway for regional development centres and youth national teams will look. There’ll be a regionalised approach mid week to widen the base of young players in the system. An academy style pathway for youth national teams will be introduced rather than a compartmentalised ‘team structure as is at the moment. Development Centres and youth national teams will train mid week next season.

Formal AGM

  • Minutes from last year’s AGM and EGM were approved.
  • Voting rights were discussed with a working definition outlined for Senior and Junior Clubs.
  • Gary provided an overview on strategic progress including a 24% increase in the number of players and referees and 46% for coaches.
  • Gary then provided some insights on the Board’s approach to managing risk strategically.
  • The 2023 Financial Statements were approved showing spending of over €1million for the first time and organic revenue growth of 30%
  • Noel Delaney Auditors were ratified as Volleyball Ireland’s new auditor
  • Four motions were presented to members, three were passed including: amendment from masculine to gender neutral terminology in the constitution, removal of the treasurer position and the inclusion of a sustainability focussed ‘object’. A motion to clarify the definition of senior and junior club voting rights was rejected due to a high number of abstentions; another club survey will be circulated to gain views of clubs.
  • Elections: Clodagh NicCanna, Regina Halpin, Gavin Dredge and Beth Rae were re-elected unopposed to the Board, whilst Balbriggan’s Jordan Donnelly joins as Honorary Secretary.
  • A knowledge burst on the u20 European Championships was delivered including information on the 1ball=1kid project.

The full annual report for the season is here.2023-24 Annual Report v3

Details minutes will be circulated in due course.

Volleyball Ireland thanks all member clubs for their input and attendance at a hugely positive event.