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Board Vacancies

Volleyball Ireland Board Vacancies

At the 2021 AGM (Saturday May 15th), Volleyball Ireland will have vacancies for the following positions on the Board:

  1. President
  2. Honorary Treasurer (this position requires financial experience and related qualifications)
  3. Honorary Secretary
  4. Vice President** (dependent on outcome of Election 1)

These positions are key Director roles are an integral part of good governance.

Election Eligibility for Incumbents

  1. President – due to term limits current President Grainne Culliton, will step down at the 2021 AGM.
  2. Treasurer – co-opted Treasurer Rachael Kilgallen is eligible for election at the 2021 AGM.
  3. Secretary – current Secretary Regina Halpin is eligible for re-election at the 2021 AGM.
  4. **Vice President – current Vice President Clodagh NicCanna has indicated an intention to run for the vacant President position. Therefore, the availability of this position is dependent on the outcome of the Presidential election. If Clodagh is not elected as President, then she will remain as Vice President.

Specific responsibilities of the Board are:

  • To provide vision, leadership and direction for the Company, normally through the consideration and approval of Strategic Plans
  • In this context, to define the Company’s mission, decide its strategic goals and approve policies to achieve those goals
  • To ensure that the Company is well managed and that a proper balance is maintained between the respective roles of the Board and the General Manager and staff
  • To set performance targets and, in particular, to approve and monitor the Annual Operating Plan and Budget
  • To ensure that the Company behaves ethically and in a manner that accords with its core values as determined in the Strategic Plan
  • To define and promote the Company’s role in the community by consulting its stakeholders and informing the public in an open accountable manner
  • To agree the General Manager’s performance objectives in consultation with him/her

Expectations of Directors

As a Director, you will be required to:

  • act for the benefit of Volleyball Ireland at all times
  • regularly attend Board meetings
  • be well informed on agenda items
  • participate fully and openly in meetings, sharing insights, ideas and suggestions
  • contribute knowledge and express opinions based on experience, which in turn will assist the Board to make sound decisions
  • exercise your powers and duties with reasonable care and diligence
  • exercise your powers and duties in good faith in the best interests of the Company and for a proper purpose
  • apply independent judgement in the exercise of your powers
  • avoid conflicts between your duties to the Company and your personal interests or your duties to others
  • observe standards of good corporate governance.

Time Commitment Envisaged

As a Board member you will be involved in a number of Board and Committee meetings throughout the year. Generally, the Board participates in up to ten meetings per year which are currently held online. These typically last around 2 hours.

The roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary require additional work on top of normal duties of a Director. These include preparing management accounts and meeting minutes, as well as work on other projects. The President chairs all meetings of the Board and the AGM.

There is an expectation that you will attend and participate in all of the scheduled Board meetings as well as the company AGM normally held in May. There may also be other meetings events where attendance is necessary, such as strategic plan review and planning meetings.

Volleyball Ireland will provide you with adequate notice of the proposed Board and Committee meeting dates. By accepting this appointment, you are confirming that you are able to allocate adequate time to meet the expectations of your role as a director of the Company.

To Apply

All applicants for the vacant positions must be nominated and seconded, by a member club of Volleyball Ireland. Club Secretaries must submit nomination forms by midday Saturday May 8th 2021.

For more information please contact Volleyball Ireland General Manager, Gary Stewart via email; or call for an informal chat 0857650867.

More information is available here: DIRECTOR Info Pack 2021


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