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Changes to Garda Vetting and Additional Information for Clubs

Some changes have been made to the coaching application in terms of Garda vetting. Please pass the relevant information onto relevant members of your club/commission.
Going forward, when filling in the online coaching registration form, coaches will be asked to declare if they are/not coaching juniors. If the coach only coaches adults then they do not require to be Garda Vetted. However, If this is to change and the coach begins coaching juniors they must contact Volleyball Ireland and go through the Garda Vetting process.

Validation Officers

Going forward when validating club member’s/ Squads Supervisors Garda Vetting application please ensure further details are provided in the ‘Role’ section. Also, if someone has a couple of roles ask them to fill them all in. see examples below,
Further details for ‘Role’ Section

Coach – Instead Use – Junior Coach
Referee – Instead Use – Referee of junior matches
Volunteer/ Squad Supervisor – Instead Use – Additional supervision for junior club
Volunteer/ Squad Supervisor – Instead Use – Volunteer assisting at overnight training camp
Volunteer/ Squad Supervisor – Instead Use – Assisting at underage squads

If someone has more than 1 role fill in the ‘Role’ section like below,
Multi-role, Junior Coach, Referee of junior matches, Club Children’s Officer
Any Garda Vetting Applications that does not provide the above detail will be sent back to the applicant which will result in a delay in the process. Ensure all of your club coaches, volunteers, referees etc.. are informed of the level of detail required.
Children’s Officers
In the next round of Quarterly Reports there will be an additional section whereby the club will fill in individuals who are actively coaching in your adult and junior section. I will review and advise if the named are indeed Garda Vetted and provided Safeguarding information. I will also advise who isn’t which will determine who can and cannot coach in your club’s junior section. If a non-vetted coach wishes to coach in your clubs junior section they must be Garda vetted first. It is the coaches responsibility to notify VI when their coaching situation changes and it is the Club Children’s Officer’s responsibility to ensure all coaches are vetted and receive a letter from VI before they commence coaching duties in your club.
See sample below.
In Summary,

  • Coaches will be asked to make a declaration, based on their declaration they may/may not be required to be Vetted. If a coach intends to coach junior players they must go through the Garda Vetting process and cannot begin coaching until they receive a disclosure letter from VI.
  • More information is required in the ‘Role’ Section of the Garda Vetting form. The Validation Officer need to advise when validating the forms in their clubs/respective commission.
  • Children’s Officers are required to complete section 2.4 of the Quarterly report to indicate what sections coaches are active in. CO’s are responsible for ensuring coaches coaching in the junior sections are Garda Vetted and Safeguarded and that coaches cannot coach in junior sections until disclosure letter is received from VI office.

If you have any questions on the above, don’t hesitate to contact Norma,