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Club Corner 7.5.20

Club Resources

This week for Club Resource section I want to go back to the Developing Youth Club Webinar that took place on the 30th April. We heard from 4 clubs who are running youth sections who gave great insights and invaluable advice. To see the Common Challenges & Positives clubs shared and their top tips, jump over to the infographic by clicking HERE

The Inside Scoop…Club Q&A

Kilkenny Spartans VC will feature in this weeks Inside Scoop. A recently formed club who offer a range of volleyball activities for any ability and age in the community. The Spartans are also the winners of Volleyball Ireland’s #MeetTheQuaranTeamChallenge and you can check out the winning video HERE
While you’re there, see what these Volleyball enthusiasts get up to by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Club Name
Kilkenny Spartans VC
Give a brief background of the club. i.e year founded, titles won, highlights, junior/senior club etc..
“The Social Club with a Volleyball Problem” Founded in August 2018, the club started off as a Social Volley outlet after collaboration between Volleyball Ireland and Watershed Sports Centre Kilkenny helped to install well-equipped volleyball courts. This resulted in local International Volleyball player, Benny O’Regan, leading Social Volley sessions on Friday nights to boost potential new recruits to Volleyball. Since then, the club has established itself not only as a new innovative sports club in volleyball circles but also gathering notoriety in the local community, and South East region. The player base has grown so much that the club now holds 4 trainings weekly, all catering for a different group. Kilkenny Spartans VC registered for first team ever in the Irish League this 2019/20 season. The women’s team have been competitive in Division 2, 4th from 9 teams with 3 games remaining before the lockdown. Numbers grew every Thursday night where by this time, they were over 20 female players registered to represent the club. Spartans VC collaborate frequently with the Premier Men’s Team of IT Carlow, where men’s training takes place on Tuesday nights. Social Volley became Family Volley over time on Fridays, which led to high numbers at the start of 2020 that a Junior Volley training was established for school goers, having their own training on Mondays. With an active committee working in the local community, promotional initiatives and events have been hosted by the club with assistance of public funding to promote the benefits in health from a volleyball culture. Furthermore, the club took over the void left behind by Enniskillen for hosting the annual Xmas Volleyball tournament, and the event saw high standard of play for the mixed volley event. Adding to that, the club hosted the first Teqvoly Cup, an alternative volleyball game with a table, with 16 teams competing. This will be another activity the club will help to develop along with the other volleyball activities, having hosted a few Teqvoly only trainings for members before the lockdown. The club was awarded Best Participition by Volleyball Ireland, recognising the efforts put in by the club in its maiden year
What 3 words would best describe the club?
Inclusive, Innovative, Inspiring
What Social Activities does your club do?
Social Volley – Fridays nights
Grass Volley Meet-Ups in Summertime
Social Meet-Ups every month
Host Local Promotional Events

Tell us a fun fact we don’t know about the club.
The club evolved from the “Multi-Sport Social Group” in Kilkenny where all participants played team games at Meet-Ups…but never volleyball. Once proper volleyball equipment was installed in Kilkenny, Benny O’Regan led the others to his real passion, and the rest is history.
Does your club have a special tradition/chant/routine? Tell us about it!
Spartan Chant – “1,2,3 – AHOO”
Which club would you consider to be your biggest rivals?
Any other sport club that’s not a volleyball club.
What does the club do in the off season?
Continue with indoor Friday Volleyball sessions at the Watershed Sports Centre but also, look to play outside more, either locally on grass, or go to neighbouring countries with a beach. Social Meet-Ups off-court also continue throughout the summer
Finally, what song would be your clubs anthem/jam/walk in song? Include a link!
I’m Shipping Up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys


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