DIVA Applications Closing Soon!


The DIVA Applications will be closing very soon! 

Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity for you and your college to participate in Volleyball Irelands very exciting brand new DIVA programme. The DIVA programme is aimed at recruiting Female College Students to become Volleyball Activators.

Developing, Inspiring, Volleyball, Activators or ‘DIVA’  is funded through the Sport Ireland Women in Sport Programme. It will support your students develop leadership skills and establish social volleyball classes within your institution. For many Activators, it will be the first step on the Coaching and Leadership ladder.

Whilst the programme is initially aimed at recruiting female leaders, the Activators will then deliver recreational and social volleyball to all students. We are actively looking for  Students and Colleges that may wish to promote Sitting Volleyball – which is designed for people with a physical disability or mobility issues.
 We hope this programme will lead to increased participation, engagement and activity within College life.
As part of the programme, we are actively looking for  Students, Colleges and Third Level institutions to help bring the initiative to life. If you are interested in supporting this unique programme or would like to become a DIVA. Please contact Jessie at jessie@volleyballireland.com



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