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East League 2019 Round-Up

The East League took place over the weekend of the 7th & 8th December. Day one was played in Portmarnock Community School. All 6 teams played in a round-robin with the final round continuing on the 8th.

By the end of Day 1, the top 3 teams were Balbriggan 2 and MGL who were on the same points with a game left to play against each other. 3rd place was tight between Balbriggan 1 and TUD-CC. Balbriggan needed a set, TUD-CC needed a win in their head-to-head. DKIT 1 & 2 had both secured their places in the shield finals for day 2.

The morning of day 2 opened with some very exciting games, TUD-CC vs Balbriggan 1, MGL vs Balbriggan 2 and DKIT 1 vs DKIT 2. The winner of TUD-CC vs Balbriggan 1 would guarantee them a place in the cup finals. After a close game it was one set all, however Balbriggan just needed one set to see them through. By the end of the morning the groups were determined.

The Cup – Balbriggan 2, MGL & Balbriggan 1
The Shield – TUD-CC, DKIT 1 & DKIT 2

Day 2 continued with The Shield TUD-CC and DKIT 1 had the same points but was enough for them to go through to the final. The teams played each other twice already with the results split to one set each, each time they played so was very even match. In the final DKIT found another gear and beat the defending champions 2-0.

After the shield came the cup finals which were closely contested as the difference between being in the finals or not were a matter of sets and points difference. The group finished with MGL topping it, Balbriggan 2 coming 2nd and Balbriggan 1 finishing 3rd.

The final was between MGL and Balbriggan 2. This game was as close as they come! The first set MGL took it 25-20, Balbriggan 2 took the second set, 27-25 to bring it to the decider. The final set was exciting, passionate and down to the wire. Balbriggan dug deep to win it 15-12.

A big thank you to the teams who played and to those who refereed and scored. 


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