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Ireland Representation on European Committee

The Board of Volleyball Ireland are delighted to announce that General Manager Gary Stewart, has been appointed to the Confederation de Europeene Volleyball (CEV) Working Group for Development & Zonal Association Cooperation.

Gary will join representatives from Turkey, Ukraine, Norway, France, Montenegro, Faroe Islands, Denmark and Albania on the newly formed group; the purpose of which is to coordinate the development programmes aimed at growing the game at the grassroots level as well as to support the work done by the six Zonal Associations (BVA, EEVZA, MEVZA, NEVZA, SCA and WEVZA) to develop Volleyball in their respective regions.

“As with the CEV Commissions, the CEV Working Groups are taking on a challenging and demanding role and we expect them to show the same passion and commitment to bring the best out of our beloved sport and all its stakeholders,” said CEV President Aleksandar Boričić. “We have gathered a wide range of experts for these groups and we are certain that they can carry out this mission in the best possible way.”

Volleyball Ireland President Grainne Culliton added, “This appointment is fantastic recognition for the progress we’ve made over the last number of years. It was one of the aims in Volleyball Ireland’s Strategic Plan to have representation at International decision making level and it’s great to see this start to come to fruition, with hopefully more of this to come. This also is a really good opportunity to develop further programmes that will help volleyball here in Ireland, as well as across Europe.”

The first meeting of the Working Group will take place virtually in late March.