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VAI Cup is open for entry


The Men’s and Women’s editions of the 2018/19 VAI Cup is open for registration. Club secretaries ONLY can complete the online form at ;
All clubs affiliated to Volleyball Ireland can enter the knock out competition. It is the perfect opportunity for recreational clubs to challenge themselves against the top National League teams in David v Goliath style battles. We are expecting one or two underdog stories as Garda VC and DVC defend their Women’s and Men’s titles respectively. 

Full details
Dear Club Secretary,
We are delighted to announce that online registration for the Association Cup 2018/19 is now available.  Please find the link below:
Please note that your club must be affiliated with Volleyball Ireland to enter the Association Cup.  If your club has not done so, please consider the advice contained alongside the online registration.
The deadline for the submission of entries is Tuesday, 13 November 2018.
We will provide you with further guidelines and timelines regarding when the specific rounds of the Cup and Shield must be played when we send out the draw.  In any case we will run the competition on some or all of the following weekends – 1/2 December, 12/13 January, 9/10 February, 9/10 March.  Fixtures held outside of these dates will require the Fixture Change protocol to be followed.
The semi-finals of the Cup will be held on the weekend of the 30/31 March (separate communication regarding this event will follow in the coming days) and the Cup and Shield finals will be held as part of the Finals Weekend on 11/12 May 2019.
We would also draw your attention to the following matters that will be in force again this season:

  • The Competitions Commission will seed 2 or 4 teams (giving due regards to the number of teams entered) as it sees fit.  The seeded teams and seeding methodology will be published with the results of the draw.
  • In the first round, where one of the teams is not from the Dublin/Kildare region, the home team is automatically deemed to be the non-Dublin/Kildare team.  If both or neither team is from the Dublin/Kildare region the home team is deemed to be whoever was drawn as the home team.

The draw will be held on Thursday 15th November (time and venue in Dublin TBC). The arrangements will be issued in advance and spectators are welcome to attend the draw.  Details of the draw will be emailed to clubs the following day.
If you have any queries on this, please don’t hesitate to contact the office or the Competitions Commission directly.
Jennifer Fitzgerald
President, Competitions Commission