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Silver Medal in Good Governance Awards

Volleyball Ireland were unable to retain their crown in the Carmichael Good Governance Awards, finishing second in the €250k-1million turnover category.


Over 120 organisations entered the awards with VLY. finishing second behind Mental Health Reform. However, VLY. did come out on top in the financial reporting section.

The 2021 report scored 86% which is up 6% versus 2020.


Chief Executive Gary Stewart said, “It’s probably not politically correct to be so competitive with governance projects, but we do genuinely want to be as good as anyone off-court, hence why the Board, Staff & Commissions but so much work into the annual report. 


We are delighted to get on the podium, especially with so many great charities like Mental Health Reform & Leave No Trace. Perhaps next year we can get back to Number 1. Thank you to Carmichael for running a brilliant awards programme and our Auditor Searing Point for their diligence and expertise.”


Comments from the judging panel on Volleyball Ireland’s report:


1. The report has a strong start with basic and essential big picture provided up-front without clutter while page 11 sets out key highlights in the year and there is a sense of honest/transparent reporting throughout, for example, stakeholder survey (p 26); reporting of areas for improvement in the St Patricks Case Study (p. 21); open reporting of metrics and tactics (achieved and not achieved); naming of sustainability challenge due to overdependence on state grants (p44).


2. The report’s content and narrative really testify to the values of VI, in that we get a real sense of the Directors’, CEO’s and staff’s passion, ambition, inclusivity and organisational integrity. The judges liked the prominent position given to reporting on stakeholder opinion and how this is used to improve.


3. The report case studies, metrics, KPIs, traffic light reporting on strategic activities and detailed risk register is noteworthy. In particular, the judges liked the metrics and tactic reporting and the way in which the detail of achievements against strategic objectives (including % completion reporting on metrics) is provided in an appendix with a short but very clear summary in the body of the report. The graphical presentation of the tactics update with an indication of proportion on track, delayed or behind was considered to be very effective and informative.


4. The inclusion of the concise note on VI’s origins, the detailed (but not too lengthy) bios plus appointment dates of Directors accompanied by infographics of governance structures adds to the effectiveness of the report while there was clear evidence that diversity underpins a number of areas from players to Board rather than being a standalone project.


5. The 5 year analysis of financials on page 43 is very helpful to the reader.


6. The judges commend the risk section – particularly the clear statement of risk and risk appetite – and they liked the way the appetite is presented for each of the key strategic areas.


You can check out the annual report here > VLY 2021-22 Season Annual Report