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Social Volley Hub Launched In Kilkenny


What is Social Volley?
Social Volley is a concept to break down the barriers of entry to volleyball and bring people who have never played volleyball before or played ‘years ago in school’ together to play in a fun, social and welcoming environment.
What to Expect
Social Volley is casual and more about fun and being active, it’s a team sport so you are bound to make many friends too! (Not so serious) Training can be provided so participants will be able to play the, Dig, Volley and Spike and understand the basic rules of the game.
Who it’s for
If you are over 18 and have ever wanted to try volleyball or wanted to ease back into it or don’t play much sports, Social Volley is perfect for you. Bring a friend, colleague, relative or whoever you want to spend time with. The group will be mixed.
Some More Information
Social Volley can be played on a volleyball court 6v6 or on a badminton court 4v4 as mixed sex. The ‘not so serious’ training can be tailored to the needs or the group or can opt for more game time.
The Difference between Social Volley and Mainstream Volleyball
Our volleyball clubs are competitive and have been playing the very technical and tactical sport for years. Although some of our clubs offer training for beginners it can be quite intimidating to go straight into a club. Social Volley offers the same sport but for people in the same boat. Players are then encouraged to move on to a club if they want to challenge themselves more or if they want to move on to more competitive volleyball.
How to get Involved
We will be looking for areas to setup Social Volley and will advertise it locally. If you want to get Social Volley up and running in your area or wish to join in in an existing Social Volley area contact,
Norma on 086 817 3990 or
What is the Fee?
This will depend on the cost of the hall. We aim to keep the fee as minimal as possible. 


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