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Stakeholder Survey OUT NOW!


The 2019/20 Volleyball Ireland Stakeholder Survey is out now, and provides the perfect opportunity for members to present their ideas for improving Irish Volleyball.
The survey, now in its second year, has established ‘performance benchmarks’ in a range of different areas including Communications, Coach Education, Player Development and Leadership.
Last years version provided a range of ideas which Volleyball Ireland has since implemented including; regular newsletters, online player registration system, a coaching workshop series and a move to a fun non-competitive primary school competition.
The survey also asks ‘how successful you perceive Volleyball Ireland to be’. General Manager, Gary Stewart, said, “The Stakeholder survey is really important as the ideas and suggestions impact our operational plans and programmes. Last year we had around 65 responses with a range of brilliant ideas, some of which we’ve managed to put in place. It also gives us an idea whether or not members have seen an improvement in what we’re doing – that’s what it’s all about, continuously getting better. As a members organisation the views of our members are absolutely vital.”
Last year around 5% of members completed the survey, now with the weekly newsletter reaching over 1700 subscribers, Gary is confident the numbers can increase, “Hopefully we can double the number of responses which will give us even more information to work with. Naturally, we have a lot of conversations with people over the year and getting feedback that way is great, but having hard data and scores that can be measured is invaluable.”
You can complete the survey here;
The 2018/19 edition returned the following results:
Out of Ten
1. Rate the overall effectiveness of Volleyball Ireland as your NGB 7.04
2. Marketing, Engagement and Promotion: 6.5
3. Competitions: 6.9
4. Coach and Referee Education: 7.3
5. Leadership and Governance: 7.1
6. Participation Development: 6.5
7. Player Development: 6.4
8. Do you perceive Volleyball Ireland to be successful at governing the sport? 58% YES, 15% NO, 27% DON’T KNOW
9. How do you rate the overall image of Volleyball Ireland? POSITIVE 69%, NEGATIVE 16%, 15% DON’T KNOW