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VLY Beach Tour Rankings

Now event 1 of the 2023 Beach Tour Season is complete, we are delighted to share our updated rankings.

There are three rankings tables, that players compete on:

  1. The Overall Tour Leader board
  2. The 2023 Champions Race
  3. The Challenger Series (coming soon)


The Overall Tour leader board exists to help identify who the best players are. A players’ top 6 results from the current and previous season count towards their overall ranking. This system is used to establish the seedings for every tour event. So for 2023, only results in 2023 and 2022 will count towards a players overall ranking.

The Champions Race is limited to the current season. Only results in 2023 count and the 2023 Champions will be crowned at the end of season Beach party. All points accumulated from every event are included. Play more, win more.

Why have two systems? Well, it’s important to have a season and a winner for that season, hence the Champions Race. This also rewards regular participation. The more you play the more points you’ll earn.

But it’s also good to know who the best players are overall, as some players may miss a tournament due to injury or perhaps they’re competing for Ireland and can’t play every single event. It also gives us a mechanism to seed teams for each event, especially events at the start of the season.

End of season awards:

This year we will be hosting a Beach Awards party on Saturday September 16th in Dublin. The following prizes will be presented:

  1. Champions Race Winner plus 2nd and 3rd
  2. Best Team (combined scores from events)
  3. Overall Tour Champion
  4. Challenger Series Winner
  5. King & Queen of the Court Winners
  6. u22 Top ranked player
  7. 3* Tour Finals Champions (team)
  8. Club Champions

You can check out master copy of each detailed tour below. These PDFs outline the finishing position for each player and subsequent points for 2022 and 23.

Men’s Tour MENS VLY Beach Tour Rankings 2023 – Master for Sharing

Women’s Tour Womens VLY Beach Tour Rankings 2023 – Master for Sharing

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