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VLY. launches first ever Youth Council

After reviewing all the received applications, 8 candidates were chosen to take part in the newly formed Youth Council for seasons 2022-23 and 2023-24.

The Council had their first meeting on January 30th, during which their job as VLY advisors started.

The Youth Council is a new initiative by Volleyball Ireland that aims to involve players, coaches, referees and volunteers between the age of 18 and 22 that can help provide young valuable insights on existing and new projects.
The Youth Council goal is to review, assess and give feedback on existing VLY. initiatives, and proposing new appealing activities for young volleyball lovers.

The purpose of the Youth Council is to advocate for and behalf of all youth players and members, and to facilitate and assist young people to voice their opinions and ideas. Each Youth council member is responsible to represent universities or youth clubs in a given area, which means reporting their needs and proposals to Volleyball Ireland Liaison Officer Amanda Burgio.


Chairperson – Conor Goggins
Vice chair – Laura Connolly
Secretary – Lara McNichols
West clubs rep – Beth Clark
Dublin clubs rep – Wojciech Lada
East clubs rep – Laura Connolly
South clubs rep – Luke O’Sullivan
North west universities rep – Conor Goggins
South west universities rep – Síofra Lawlor
Dublin universities rep – Umar Ahmed
East universities rep – Lara McNichols

The Youth Council can be reached at

“With more and more young people involved in volleyball, it is important for us to receive the right feedback” – said Participation Officer Amanda Burgio. “We wish for young players, referees and coaches to be represented at a governance level, and we believe the council will be able to bring highly valuable insights and respond to the community’s needs.”.