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Volleyball Ireland secures Dormant Accounts Funding!!


Volleyball Ireland are delighted to announce the successful acquisition of 35,000 Euro of funding to support inclusion programmes.

The grant is routed from the Dormant Accounts fund through Sport Ireland and signifies the progress the Association are making with inclusion programmes. The funding will help kick start a Sitting Volleyball programme for people with physical disabilities. As well as a new Chair Volley programme for children and adults with more profound disabilities. The exciting Chair Volley initiative aims to work with community centres and service providers to create a network of Chair Volley activity and ultimately a National Chair Volley Championship.

Volleyball Ireland GM Gary Stewart said, “We are very grateful to Minister Ross and Griffin and the team at Sport Ireland for supporting our application. We are looking to work with a range of partners to ensure that there is a Volleyball programme for everyone in Ireland, regardless of physical ability.”

The project will also help clubs that are located in areas of disadvantage establish youth sections. The support will include equipment, coach education and club development resources.

If anyone clubs are interested in participating in this scheme please make contact with