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Volleyball Ireland seeks Sports Capital Programme to support clubs

Volleyball Ireland has submitted two nationwide applications to the Dept. Transport, Tourism and Sport Sports Capital Grant Programme to support its member clubs.
The two projects are as follows;

  1. Club Net and Post Replacement Scheme
  2. New Club Starter Pack

The Net and Post Replacement Scheme has been initiated based on the Club Equipment Needs Audit carried out earlier this month. Within the audit it was clear that the most sought after equipment were posts and nets which often come into disrepair. The application would see a nationwide upgrade on these vital pieces of equipment.
When in decline these can become a barrier to participation and cause potential health and safety issues. As part of the club development programme, members have highlighted these equipment issues as a priority.
The second project will see new clubs, or existing clubs who wish to setup a youth section receive a starter pack of balls and equipment to support their development and grow participation.  
General Manager of Volleyball Ireland, Gary Stewart added, “As part of the Volleyball Ireland Strategic Plan, we want to encourage the launch of new clubs and help our current members to build youth sections to feed into our new National Youth League programme. The starter pack programme will be a big help to drive participation and support what is a fundamental part of growing the sport. Getting that initial money together to buy equipment is often the biggest barrier to participation.”
The combined grant application is valued at over €45,000 – Volleyball Ireland is seeking a grant of €36,000 to deliver these projects.  Volleyball Ireland also supported a number of equipment only applications from member clubs.


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