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Youth Leagues Entry

Volleyball Ireland aims to meet the needs of youth clubs through the provision of competitions for young players. The competition pathway proposed this year follows our Long Term Player Development model ensuring age appropriate sporting activities for our young players.


U16 Leagues – 6v6

The U16 Boys & Girls Leagues will include players that are 16 years old on or after June 1st 2022.


U14 Leagues – 4v4

The U14 Boys & Girls Leagues will include players that are 14 years old on or after June 1st 2022.


Players that play in U14 are also eligible to play in U16 league.
Each U14 team is composed of 6 players: 4 on court + 2 subs rotating on serve.

If you are planning to or interested in joining any of the above mentioned youth leagues with 1 or more teams, please fill in the expression of interest form at this link:


Please ensure you have completed the form by close of business on Wednesday August 31st.



If you are currently working with a youth team that is interested in more social events rather than competitional leagues or if you are looking to set up a new youth team please get in touch with our Participation Officer Amanda to discuss how VLY. can support you through the VLY. support pack.