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Learn the skills

In this page, you will find a series of skill card and drills tolearn and imrpove your volleyball skills.

Funda Volley

The FUNdamentals game is a very simple catching and throwing game with some progressions introduced as children move through the three Levels. The basic aim of the game is to get the ball onto the floor on your opponent’s side of the court. Through playing this game the children learn to move, catch and throw, call mine and read the ball trajectory in a very dynamic way. They are also introduced to basic volleyball skills, tactics and team work.

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4v4 Volleyball

4v4 volleyball is the first step towards the development of volleyball game. It involves four players per side on a badminton size court. It has the same rules as volleyball, but it allows players to touch the ball more often and learn from the game step by step.

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