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Resources for Coaches

Why Coaching

Coaching can be a challenging by highly rewarding activity. You volunteer your time to create a legacy of volleyball players passionate about the sport. It is not only about skills and technique, but about motivation, patience, fairness, kindness and creating a connection with others. As a coach, you become the leader of a team, the person players look after, and that pushes them towards their goals.

  1. SOCIAL AND FUN: Create and strengthen relationships with your community.
  2. REWARDING AND SATISFYING: Feel the pride of seeing your players developing in the sport and as individuals, and achieving their goals.
  3. DEVELOP STRONG LEADERS: Teach not only physical sport skills, but also mental and emotional skills, which impact individuals not only in their sport life.
  4. IMPROVE YOURSELF: Improve your communication, leadership, organisational, public-speaking, interpersonal skills, simply doing what you love.
Loughrea v Newbridge - 2018 U16 Girls Cup Final (114)

Start your journey as a coach

Due to the dynamic nature of sport, coaching is a continual educational process. Volleyball Ireland has therefore developed an ever-changing menu of support programmes to assist our coaches in the personal advancement of themselves, their clubs, and their players. Our wide mix of face to face and online courses, webinars, workshops, plus additional events in line with the LTPD model ensures coaches are well equipped to deliver ideal learning experiences nationwide.

Courses can be booked through VLY.’s JustGo platform.

Foundation Level Coaching Course

Obtain our Foundation Level Coaching Course to start your journey as a coach.

Our two-day introduction to volleyball course is typically run twice a year. New coaches looking to obtain a licence will need certification from the course to qualify for a National League indoor coach licence.

No previous volleyball experience required.

Level 1

For coaches looking to upskill and higher their game level, VLY host a 2-day weekend course. Topics of discussion include serve-receive and diverse systems of play among a multitude of other topics that assist in coach development.

In order to register for Level 1, you must have complete the Foundation Level Coaching course at least 1 year prior Level 1 course.

Coach Development Programme

The Volleyball Ireland Coach Development Programme is a blend of mentoring, online learning, inspirational talks and practical workshops, with the aim to support and develop our coaches at all levels of the game. The programme complements formal coaching courses and is open to any registered member of Volleyball Ireland. 

Coaching Resources

We’ve put together some useful links that can provide some insights on physical preparation and skill development. These resources are useful both for coaches, for developing your training programme, and for players to learn while at home.

Long Term Player Development Model

The LTPD model is a globally researched and recognised pathway that will deliver an incredible impact to volleyball on our island. One of the major key benefits is everyone associated in the sport can identify their role within the programme.

The LTPD has multiple layers and goals in developing participation and performance, however begins by centring entirely around the child’s evolution and enjoyment of our sport for the entirety of their lives. This ideal must be at the core of everything we do, we must create a Life Long Love for Volleyball.

Within our LTPD model resources, coaches can find hundreds of drills divided by age group and goals. You can find all this material here.


External Programmes

CEV & ICoachKids Online Courses

The CEV and IcoachKids have partnered to launch of a series of customised online courses made available through the CEV Campus. This is open to coaches and physical education teachers working with kids at the entry level of the game. All of the courses are video-based and chapters can be watched/completed in any order for flexibility.

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Coach Developer Course

Fully qualified coach developers are able to deliver and oversee coaching courses run annually by National Governing Bodies.

This course fee is provided by VLY however Coach Developers will be asked to commit to the delivery of coach education programmes within the NGB.

CEV Coaches Convention

This yearly event involves coaches and PE teachers from the federations implementing the CEV School Project as well from those NFs with similar activities. It is an opportunity for networking, sharing knowledge and finding ways to inspire children to play volleyball, while discussing best practices to facilitate their transition from entry level to the standard version of the game.

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