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Resources for Parents

Why volleyball?

Volleyball is the forth most played game in the world!

It involves the use of the full body muscle mass and range of motion in order to be played. Through volleyball, kids can develop coordination, agility, balance, adaptation and endurance in a fast paced environment. The ball can’t be held: this means players must adapt and react quickly to the different situations of the game, and learn to cooperate and work together to reach the goal.

The top example of team sport

One single person can’t play volleyball. Building a solid game means building teamwork, communication and trust in others. Volleyball allows kids to develop valuable social skills within a highly diverse and active community.

A Sport for All

In Volleyball Ireland, we have adopted the Long Term Player Development model, a training, competition and recovery framework for individuals at all stages of life. This model provides a framework for all stakeholders involved with Volleyball Ireland and players of all ages and abilities.

The LTPD has multiple layers and goals in developing participation and performance, however begins by centring entirely around the child’s evolution and enjoyment of our sport for the entirety of their lives. This ideal must be at the core of everything we do, we must create a Life Long Love for Volleyball.

Club Volleyball

18 junior clubs work with kids of different ages all around Ireland.

VLY. organises leagues and blitzes to allow all kids to enjoy the competitive side of our sport.

  • FUNdavolley
  • U14 Girls, Boys, Mixed blitzes
  • U16 Girls League
  • U16 Boys league
  • Junior Cup
  • Young Leaders

School Volleyball

VLY. provides multiple school competitions and programmes, to bring volleyball in junior players’ daily life.

  • Primary School 4v4 Competitions
  • Junior 4v4 Fun Blitz
  • Junior Championships
  • U16 Championships
  • Senior Championships
  • School Cup
  • Beach Volley Championships
  • TY Volley Programme
  • Teacher workshops
  • CEV School Project

Pathway to High Performance

For most kids, volleyball starts as a fun sport among many others they practice. Once they get older, for some volleyball becomes a passion and they want to go further. Volleyball Ireland has built a pathway to bring talented juniors to reach their potential with higher international goals.

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Creating a safe sport environment

Volleyball Ireland and its affiliated clubs follow rules and regulations put in place by Sport Ireland and the Irish Government. Every overage leader working with kids and vulnerable people must undergo Safeguarding children training and garda vetting process. In this way, we ensure a safe environment for all the kids to grow in and enjoy the sport.

Get Involved

The Irish volleyball community is always looking for new volunteers to help out with volleyball trainings. Get involved and support the sport development of your child.

Our Foundation Level Coaching Course will introduce you to the basics of teaching volleyball skills and game. We run this course 2/3 times a year according to interest.

Our Grade 3 refereeing course will introduce you to volleyball rules and how to manage a match. We run this course twice a year.