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Resources for Referees

Why Refereeing?

Refereeing gives you the opportunity to become actively part of a volleyball match and enjoy the sport from another perspective. The referee is not only responsible for the smooth running of the game according to volleyball rules. Being a referee means direct the game while remaining in the background and work together with players and coaches in order to deliver a game in respect or fair play. It is a fundamental and difficult role, which will allow you to experience and develop new skills, such as fast decision making, effective communication and leadership, useful for your everyday life. Ready for the challenge?

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Start your journey as a referee

Refereeing is not just about conducting a match following the rules of the game by the letter of the law. In many cases the complex situations you will find in a real game require a deep understanding of the rules, but also of the spirit of the game. Volleyball Ireland’s Education & Training commission have developed a referee pathway and continually work to produce new programmes supporting all officials starting out and progressing within the game.

Grade 3 Course

The course is designed to equip starter referees with specific knowledge that will enable them to officiate as 1st referee in Division 2 / school games as well as 2nd referee in Division 1 matches.

Grade 2 and 1

In order to increase your level as a referee, Volleyball Ireland’s Referee Commission will organise an assessment. During the assessment, you will referee a match and will be evaluated by expert referees, to understand whether you are ready to obtain the next higher grade.

If you would like to be assessed, please contact the Education & Training Commission.

Referee Development Programme

The Volleyball Ireland Coach Development Programme is a blend of mentoring, online learning, inspirational talks and practical workshops, with the aim to support and develop our coaches at all levels of the game. The programme complements formal coaching courses and is open to any registered member of Volleyball Ireland. 

Referee Resources

We’ve put together some useful documents that provide all the guidelines and rules referees need to follow.