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Club Comms 2023-24

Please find below a list of communications with Clubs in relation to logistics and ongoing matters in relation to the administration of the National League competition for 2023-24.

Note that where items were not communicated to all Clubs, this is indicated accordingly.

10th November 2023E-Scoring - Third DateEmail to Clubs 101123 - E-Scoring Training
6th November 2023Association Cup - 1st Round DrawEmail to Clubs 061123 - Association Cup 1st Round Draw
3rd November 2023E-Scoring - More DatesEmail to Clubs 031123 - E-Scoring Training
31st October 2023E-Scoring Training on 6th NovemberEmail to Clubs 311023 - E-Scoring Training
31st October 2023Confirmation of Cup & Shield FormatsEmail to Clubs 311023 - Confirmation of Cup & Shield Formats
20th October 2023Reminder re Association Cup EntriesDuplicate of Email sent 12th October
16th October 2023Cancellation of Match Day 9Email to Clubs 161023 - Cancellation of Match Day 9
12th October 2023Association Cup EntriesEmail to Clubs 121023 - Association Cup.pdf
25th September 2023National League UpdateEmail to Clubs 250923 - National League Update.pdf
14th September 2023National League - Next StepsEmail to Clubs 140923 - National League Next Steps.pdf
8th September 2023Update re Fixtures, Transfers etcEmail to Clubs 080923 - Season Updates.pdf
29th August 2023NL Fixture ReleaseEmail to Clubs 290823 - NL Fixtures Release
5th August 2023Season Structures confirmedEmail to Clubs 050823 - Season Structures.pdf
18th August 2023Reminder of unpaid entry feesEmail to Clubs 180823 - Reminder of Team Entry Fees outstanding.pdf
7th July 2023NL Team Entry Survey for completionEmail to Clubs 070723 - NL Team Entry Survey.pdf