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CEV schools project returns to Cork


The CEV schools project returned to Cork this December bringing more new schools with more new players into volleyball. The 6 week project began at the end of October with an introductory teacher training day. This built a base knowledge and allowed the schools to spent the next 5 weeks preparing their students for the fun blitzes scheduled for December 3rd and 4th in Father Mathews Arena, Cork.
A total of 250 primary students and over 100 post primary students will participate over the two days. The event will mean schools can compete at a similiar beginner level and have challenging games through a fun and relaxed environment.
The project is closely linked with the now well estabilished Cork club Netforce VC. The newly formed junior section will help these students have an avenue to volleyball they can seek out after school is over to continue their development within the game. Schools will also be assisted into Volleyball Ireland’s national school competitons starting early in 2020. The real success story being Walterstown national school who started their volleyball journey at this same event last year then making it all the way to an incredible National semi final. 
We would like to thank Cork sports partnership in working together with us on this venture and in particular James Kirby who has been a direct link and promoter of the project for the last two years.  We have grown from 120 primary students to an incredible 250 in just one short year. It’s exciting to see where we go next!