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Following on from the Webinar that took place last week about Club Development Planning we thought we would share some tips for clubs who are beginning to write theirs.

What is it?
A Club Development Plan explains where the club wants to be in the future. It outlines the club’s objectives, how these objectives will be achieved and by when.

Why Bother?
•Identifies aspects that need attention and strong areas of club
•Can help focus club activity and keeps track of bigger picture
•Sends a message of growth and opportunities to stakeholders
•May be required for Grant Applications

Top Tips
•Get a number of people with skills and qualities involved
•Give clear ownership to individuals
•Remember, Where are we now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?
•Set Goals and break them down into objectives (SMART)
•Review the plan, update progress and make changes if needed.

You will find a Club Development Plan Template HERE and a comprehensive yet simple guide to complete one HERE.

The Inside Scoop…Club Q&A

UCD Volleyball appears in this weeks Inside Scoop. UCD have been around for 40years and have a number of titles to their name both domestic and international! Check them out below and on Facebook and Instagram

Club Name
UCD Volleyball Club
Give a brief background of the club. i.e year founded, titles won, highlights, junior/senior club etc..
UCD Volleyball Club began in or around 40 years ago, in fact, not even the more mature graduates can remember when we started! The club has been very successful in both Intervarsity competition and National league and cup over the years. UCD women’s team are the only Irish team to win the student cup in the UK. And didn’t just do it once, but 3 years in a row in the early 2000’s More recently our Men’s team have been featuring at the the top of the premier league and cup competition. More to come we hope!
What 3 words would best describe the club?
Friendliness, passion, dedication
What Social Activities does your club do?
Team nights, quizzes, fancy dress Halloween parties, “mini blitz” competitions, after game food and/or refreshments, the list is endless!
Tell us a fun fact we don’t know about the club.
We own Gianma, the libero that probably has won the most libero all stars ever
Does your club have a special tradition/chant/routine? Tell us about it!
UCD Annual Blitz. The Blitz is currently the longest running annual tournament. It started in 1983 and has been running annually ever since, it’s a tradition that has been passed on and maintained year after year no matter who is involved in the club.
Which club would you consider to be your biggest rivals?
DVC, Aer Lingus, has changed over the years!
What does the club do in the off season?
Grass volleyball, beach volleyball, or any “outside”volleyball
Finally, what song would be your clubs anthem/jam/walk in song? Include a link!
Anything that gets us dancing at the champ dinner! Depends on who you ask, but many would claim Mamma Mia to be the main anthem!


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